“Just wanted to touch base to thank you for the work that you are doing with our GM. The transformation and new level of self understanding is truly amazing.” 

Here are your answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  •   What can I expect from coaching? Will you be telling me what to do?

I work with intelligent men who make their own decisions in life so, no, unlike many coaches I will not insult you by telling you what to do, unless you really want that direct input (which I will always have available). My role is to get you to do your own best thinking, guide you in understanding yourself at a very deep level, so your direction and choices in life serve you and are sustainable, as well as be your confidential sounding board.

  •   Why do you work with men? Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to work with women?

I work with men because that’s where I add the most value. My most meaningful client relationships have been with men that trust and confide in me, and through that confidence, change their lives. I’ve had clients tell me they are more honest with me than they are with themselves, and that I know them better than anyone. Many men appreciate having an impartial third party, often a woman, to talk to and confide in, as they almost invariably withhold their deepest concerns and fears from their primary partner for several reasons, and you know what those reasons are.

  •   What kind of men do you work with, and why?

I work with male leaders that have achieved success in their lives, yet still feel that something is not quite right. These men are invariably professional, highly intelligent, educated, successful, aged 37-55, often married with children or debating whether to marry and/or have children, ambitious and often feeling stuck. I enjoy working with intelligent, accomplished individuals, as they learn quickly and take action.

  •   What kind of things can you support me with?

Here are some of the things I can help you do (amongst many others) :

* Clarify your values so your life is built around what is truly meaningful to you, not just the script
* Learn what energizes you then tailor your career, so work feeds you, rather than eats you
* Build a clear vision for your life, and plan for how to get it, so you’re motivated again
* Excavate your own authentic leadership approach, so you get results and keep it real
* Take back control of your time and life through setting boundaries, so you’re running the show
* Establish smart habits to ‘set and forget’, so your energy can be directed at what really matters

  • Is there any way I can get my wife / significant other on board?

Yes. It’s helpful for your partner to know you’re working with me. Some men’s partners are initially apprehensive. If so, it can be extremely useful for me to arrange a call with them to put their mind at ease and engage their support. This is entirely up to you, but if your relationship with your partner is healthy, this is something I highly recommend. That way we’re all pulling in the same direction. 

  •      What can I expect when contacting and working with you?

Once you contact me we’ll schedule a phone or video consultation. Once we meet and I understand your situation, I’ll give you some recommendations and you’ll choose your program. We’ll then book in your starting date and I’ll send you what you need.

Depending on your situation, we’ll normally start with an intensive program so we can learn as much as we can about you and your situation quickly, and then shift to regular sessions. I work with busy people, so if you’re waiting to have the time in your schedule before arranging your coaching, I suggest you contact me now, as taking back control of your time and your life can be one of the first areas we address. 

  •      How long do you normally work with people?

My shortest program option is six months, however the majority of men require a nine to twelve month engagement for deepest results. Many of my clients have continued to work with me for over a decade on an ad hoc basis as their careers and lives progress, as I see them so clearly, understand what matters most now, and can open those doors to their next level of development. 

  •   What are my program options?

I tailor my programs to your needs, however areas of focus include career, leadership, performance, relationship and family, health, and other personal. The level of intensity also depends on what you need. When we meet I’ll be listening for what you need, what it’s going to take (“we’re gonna need a bigger boat!”), make a recommendation or two, and you’ll then choose what makes sense and feels right to you. 

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