“I have worked with Katherine throughout most of my time as Executive Director of the Government Digital Switchover Taskforce. She has provided me with incomparable support, helped me work through innumerable difficult issues, and made a real and tangible difference in my life. I will continue to seek out her wise counsel as my career develops and can’t recommend her highly enough. A coach and counsellor who has become a trusted friend and confidant.”

Welcome. I’m Katherine Hosie.

I work with men in executive roles that are feeling stuck in their career, are second guessing their choices, and that know they could be happier. I help them get the glue off their feet, to liberate themselves, and feel alive again.

The majority of men that hold senior roles, find those positions also come with intense pressure and expectation. When bumps occur in the road, as they invariably do, it’s time to find a trusted ally.

Many men feel more comfortable sharing their private thoughts with the right woman in a non-competitive environment. If you’ve searched for a suitable professional to assist you through the maze of professional and personal challenges, you’ve done well to find me.

I see the men I work with reclaim their authority in life. I see them reorient their careers to serve their values and their strengths, find new meaning and passion in what they do, and become powerful leaders. I contribute to men learning what drives them and brings them happiness, making informed decisions accordingly, improving existing relationships, and leaving other relationships with integrity when necessary. I guide men to release unwanted burdens so they may flourish.

Above all, I see my clients come to prize, trust and accept themselves, and take control of their life.

Click here to request an initial consultation.

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