“I have worked with Katherine throughout most of my time as Executive Director of the Government Digital Switchover Taskforce. She has provided me with incomparable support, helped me work through innumerable difficult issues, and made a real and tangible difference in my life. I will continue to seek out her wise counsel as my career develops and can’t recommend her highly enough. A coach and counsellor who has become a trusted friend and confidante.”

Welcome. I’m Katherine Hosie.

I specialize in Leadership, Men, and Transition.

I’m Australian, have lived around the world, and am now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work globally with C-level execs, founders, and other high-functioning leaders and their teams. 

My experience and qualifications include:

  • Over 15 years and 10,000+ hours of direct coaching experience
  • Over a decade of experience in leadership diagnosis and development
  • I hold a Master of Applied Science, Evidence-Based Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, which consistently leads the world in evidence-based coaching research and education 
  • My previous roles include President of the International Coaching Federation Australasia, leading over 1300 coaches.

The smarter you are the more I’ll enjoy working with you. My preference is coaching leaders that are willing to be reflective, are fully engaged, raw, responsible, and willing to take action.

My top character strengths are Judgment, Love, and Honesty, and I rely heavily on them in my work.

Click here to book your Initial Coaching Consultation.

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